Alini Brito Fired After Cindy Mauro Sex Scandal

Donny Trem | January 9, 2011 | 2 Comments More

The high school teacher who was caught in a compromising position with fellow teacher Cindy Mauro testified in court that she was receiving an insulin shot from her co-worker and that nothing sexual was going on whatsoever.

Alini Brito who was caught naked from the waist up says that she did nothing wrong and that Mauro was simply helping her out with the injection.

After city officials received the rather detailed report of what happened, Brito was effectively fired from her position at the school.

The school which has been named “Horndog High” because of the recent sexual scandals has been shaken by the incident.

Brito is in fact a diabetic and she said that during the dance at the school she began to feel a little sick and requested that the French teacher help her out by checking her blood sugar level and ultimately give her an insulin injection.

After hearing about her co-workers problem, Mauro suggested that they go upstairs because she had candy up there which could help to get her blood sugar level back up.

Brito’s knees gave out on the stairs though and she became too weak to walk.

After Brito took her shirt off, Mauro placed it under her head to keep her comfortable and help promote circulation throughout her body.

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  1. VC says:

    Why didn’t they do this in the bathroom, in private?

  2. lara says:

    Karina Maceczek was never fired from her Brooklyn P.S. teaching job,
    and she is a known Russian prostitute.
    I guess it’s who you know.