Carolyn And Jim McCullar: Mega Millions Wash. Winners

Donny Trem | January 7, 2011 | 6 Comments More

Carolyn and Jim McCullar who live in Washington State were the winners of the $190 million Mega Millions lottery, much to their surprise. They are from the town of Ephrata and recently went to the city of Olympia which is the state capital in order to claim their prize money.

McCullar says that he knows the financial condition of the state is not good, but he is still concerned about taking care of his own finances before anything else.

Jim said that at the time of winning the money he would have like the total $355 million instead of splitting it with another winner but he added that $190 is still pretty good, especially for a couple from a small town in Mississippi.

Officials in Idaho are still waiting on the ticket-holder of the $380 million lottery to come forward so they can claim their prize.

McCullar said that winning the lottery was one of the few times he has ever been lucky in his entire life, other than getting lucky at Keno and winning $10,000 several years ago.

The couple expressed their happiness at winning the lottery, saying that they couldn’t be more pleased with what happened.

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  1. Kristina Heagy says:

    Upon reading the article that you have posted about Jim and Carolyn McCullar, the winners of the Mega Millions, I noticed that you made a few errors.
    #1. The names are again Jim and Carolyn McCullar, not Christine and Jim McCullar as you have posted.
    #2. They are from Washington , as is also mentioned, not Mississippi.
    I thank you for your time.
    To Jim and Carolyn McCullar, Congratulations.
    You deserve it.
    God Bless,
    Kristina Heagy

    • Kristina Heagy says:

      Upon further investigation, I would like to Retract my previous comment. Jim McCullar was born in Mississippi. However to my knowledge, his wife’s name is Carolyn.
      I apologize, I was wrong.
      Thank you for your time,
      Kristina Heagy

  2. Wes Kantor says:

    Congratulations to Jim & Christine McCullar. Lot’s of us have struggles that seems like it will never get better. But when you read a story like this, it really makes you smile.

  3. Jar Man says:

    Around 1988 a team of psychologists and behavioral scientists did a study of big sweepstakes ($250,000+) and Lottery winners across the Nation since the doors had been opened for State run Lotteries in ’82’ or so. They were studying a phenomena not fully understood by most until so many winners had been displaying a similar strange pattern. The study determined that roughly only 1 out of a 100 (1%) were able to psychologically adapt or adjust to their winnings successfully over time. ‘Over time’ being the key words here. Sure, at first (6 mos. to a year) most everything seems well and good and happiness prevails. But most begin to show signs of cracking unexpectedly beyond this period. It has little or nothing to do with hiring a lawyer/financial planner or being smart with the sudden whopping sum of liquid assets. In fact the psychologists concluded that more often those who said they’d never change, would remain true to friends, keep their jobs and overall lifestyle were the most out of touch with themselves or their new real-life situation. The most common problematic parallels between the biggest winners was a creeping sense that they had stolen the money, yet felt trapped in a sort of limbo and could not give it away to charity or otherwise alleviate their situation justifiably as well. Clearly friends simply cannot understand or grasp this, further alienating their sense of the reality they knew before. Moreover, despite any degree of effort on the part of these new rich folks, later their friends wind up alienating them anyway. They just can’t relate to one another’s lives on a deeper level that was/is essentially the core of their friendship to begin with. “You’re just not like us anymore.” was the common line. The story featured the first Wash. State winner of the one-year $1 Million drawing. She had been an RN and otherwise well adjusted normal person. Within little more than a year she was in treatment for Cocaine addiction, had become delusional about the money not being hers, becoming an emotional basket case. Finally leaving family to step in to try and salvage the $30-odd thousand she had left by investing it. Invariably, the 1% who did adjust successfully had one theme in common. They all either started (or already had) a business or aggressively invested or worked the money they had won. To me it’s a no-brainer to figure out. The day-to-day realities of actually having, “Money” is not at all what the vast majority think it is. And so Jesus was right after all. “…Who on earth is richer than I?” Thus despite the best of intentions of the new winning couple, and I really do wish them the best, they unknowingly face another steep 100 to 1 odds that it won’t feel like they won or actually have the money they expect in just 2-4 years if they don’t prepare to radically change their lives and work-it. The freedoms of ‘money image’ is but a state of mind. Later daze, purple haze…

  4. Laura Keblish says:

    Congratulations Jim and Carolyn McCullar! May JESUS guide, direct, and bless your lives as you press on to learn how to become successful multi-millionaires. Spread your wealth, care for and love others in need, and stay safe. Your fellow Washitonian.

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