Els Clottemans Sentenced: Belgium Skydiver Murder (Els Van Doren)

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Els Clottemans Sentenced: Belgium Skydiver Murder (Els Van Doren) – In 2006, a terrible parachuting accident occurred in Belgium and after 4 long years of hard work – the case has finally been closed and the families have some answers as to what may have happened on that horrible day.

Back on Nov. 18, 2006 Els Van Doren, who was 38 years of age and mother of two children, died during a a weird skydiving accident when her equipment did not work. And what looked like an accident at the time turned out to be a homicide.

The investigation eventually lead to Els Clottemans, with whom Ms. Van Doren had jumped that day with 11 other parachutists which included Marcel Somers a Dutch skydiver and the lover that both women happened to share.

While in custody, Els Cottemans, a teacher of 26 years, has always claimed that she was innocent, but a jury found her guilty of sabotaging her rival’s material even though there was no real physical evidence to actually link her to the killing.The 12 jurors later revealed that they believed that jealousy pushed her to commit the horrendous crime.

Clottemans who attempted to commit suicide in 2008 was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

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