New Astrological Signs 2011 – Zodiac Signs Changed

Donny Trem | January 13, 2011 | 243 Comments More

Millions of people woke up this morning to find out that their world has drastically changed and that they can no longer blame their personalities, their luck and their mood swings on their zodiac signs. Your date of birth may not have changed – but your zodiac sign just did.

According to Minnesota Planetarium Society board member Parke Kunkle the signs of the zodiac have changed because the gravitational force of the Moon has managed to tilt the planet’s axis a bit since the Babylonians determined the dates of the Zodiac five thousand years ago.

Today we have also learned that not only the way you read horoscope has changed – we have also discovered that there may be a 13th Zodiac sign called Ophiuchus.

Thanks to those new findings, you are strongly advised to remove your Capricorn tattoo – as it turned out you might actually be a Sagittarius. The next time you open a news paper and want to read your daily horoscope take the following information into consideration:

Capricorn: Jan. 20 – Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 – March 11
Pisces: March 11- April 18
Aries: April 18 – May 13
Taurus: May 13 – June 21
Gemini: June 21 – July 20
Cancer: July 20 – Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10 – Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16 – Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30 – Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23 – Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29 – Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17 – Jan. 20

Let us be clear, Parke Kunkle’s discovery only addresses sidereal zodiac, that is based on constellations- therefore this change only concerns people in the East. Westerners adhere to tropical zodiac that is fixed to seasons (equinox to equinox). In conclusion, your zodiac sign has not changed.

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  1. Donna the CANCER says:

    yea…2 things…

    who decided this? and i will always be a cancer! so i dont care about this stupid change and as soon as you tell me who did this they are soooo getting a letter from me!

  2. mad ass person says:

    look here people who study science … damn some people like they sign cant yahll jus leave sh*t alone plz damn!!!!!!!!!

  3. melissa says:

    Scorpio is 6 days long really?

  4. MS.CRY CARTER says:


  5. Andres says:

    This. Is. Stupid.

  6. DESiREE says:


  7. Jay man says:

    bullshit…i am a Leo, astrology can kiss my a*s.

  8. jennifer R says:


  9. Shelbi says:

    My birthday is July 20th and according to your chart….I have two zodiac signs, So which one do I go by?

    • Valentine says:

      you’re born on a cusp so you inherent traits from both signs, so you can pick either one if you but mostly whichever sign you adhere to more

  10. Sierra Bellum says:

    What the f*ck??? Why did they change the f*cking zodiac signs? F*ck that! I was an Aries when I was born and I will remain an Aries. Aries always described my personality so well. Screw this.

  11. N Sine says:

    How is this even feasibly possible when there is only 12 months in a year. Why does everyone want to change things that are better left alone just because the moon shifts seriously. You say that there may be another Zodiac sign so therefore there is no concrete proof and how is it possible to just be finding this new sign with all the modern technology would it not have been found sooner and with all the trips that has been made to outer space would it not have been discovered before now.

  12. Amber says:

    This is stupid iv been a aquarius all my life and now i am a capricorn. Why the hell would you add another sign if your sign is who you really are. Who ever did this has problems…..

    • Lacie says:

      I’ve been proud to be an Aquarius ALL my life! The Capricorn sign just doesn’t fit me at all!

      Maybe I’ll move to the west haha

  13. JADE TIGHE says:

    Parke Kunkle can kiss my a*s. I was born Scorpio, and I’ll die Scorpio

  14. Christy says:

    Who’s idea was this? wow we got some winners…

  15. Nel says:

    I was born a Taurus so I should stay a Taurus. In my own view, anyone born from this year forth should follow this setting.

    • light says:

      yeah i think of it like this i was born a taurus thts how im gonna stay and even for people born from hear on they should go by the old signs tht we all grew up with and had some kind of grasp of it makes no since to just come up in a new year and change the way people live our lives we were taught tht our sign was just tht our sign it described us good and bad so how about we just leave it tht way! why try to fix wat hasnt been broken?

  16. A True Virgo says:

    I was born 9/13… I behave the way Virgo is described, even before I read up on it.
    I’m NOT a fu*king Leo, so f*ck you, whoever did this.
    This is fa**otry to the nth degree.

  17. June G says:

    I heard that the changes are for only kids who have been born after 2009??!!!??

  18. Chantal C.O says:

    I don’t believe that peoples zodiac changed, I think this is only for those who are born this year. Therefore no bodies zodiac changed unless you were born this year. Not that babies give a damn anyways 😛

  19. spike says:

    that is completely stupid. This has to be by the same person who decided that Pluto was no longer a planet. stupid scientists.

  20. rodney says:

    I don’t even care about discoveries, I am and always will be my gemini self, maybe I am being stubborn like the Taurus bull the new findings say I am.

    • Brenduuhh!!! :3 says:

      ahaha rodneyy no uur not bein stubborn likee a taurus trust mii lil bro iis a taurus uur bein uur gemini self:)

  21. Laura says:

    I’m confused. If you were born on May 13 are you an aries or a taurus? Why do some of the same dates fall on two different signs?

  22. Brandie says:

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever Heard.. My zodiac sign fits me.. And as does the signs for everyone I know..
    So.. Is this just for 2011 or forever.
    I don’t believe this junk.. Im gonna continue being aquarius like i should be

  23. Leo says:

    This is bullsh*t!

  24. Niki says:

    This is B.S. I dont know about everyone else? But Zodiac sign suited me very well. This new Ophiuchus sounds like a disease anyways. Just a new way for someone to get attention!!! Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

  25. Brenduuhh!!! :3 says:

    serious? ii been gettin thee wrong horoscopee all year?!? naa that just cnt bee right iit just not right f*kk that new horoscopee iim still a muthaf*kken Virgoo :)

  26. Nikki says:

    No one told whoever you are to go and change peoples signs like that I’m a Pisces all day everyday and that will never change and you just can’t tell people to go get there tattoo’s off just because you want to make changes you need to get a life and change it back alot of people are going to be pissed about this crap

  27. Shells says:

    So is it really 4 babies after 2009? Because I’m getting my bbys signs foe their scrapbooks ready! & I need to know wth is going on, & yes it’s stupid! Who would want to be an ophiuchus? Doesn’t even sound attractive!

    • Liam says:

      Zodiac signs are assigned at birth so no changes are technically made. It’s the position at the time of your birth. So this only affects people born after the change. Given the new rotations of earth.

  28. Zach says:

    Hahaha, are there seriously still people who believe in astrology? Even beyond the fact that apparently the “True” signs were rendered incorrect overnight, how would a gullible person go about practicing their belief in astrology? Do you listen to the times, the post, USA today, Cosmo, your local newspaper? How could somebody truly believe that their personality and destiny are dictated by the position of celestial bodies, and not by genetics, environmental factors, and former decisions?

  29. Shells says:

    I think this is fake because how in the he’ll is a Jan 20th. Baby a Capricorn & Saggitarius! As well as all the other ending dates! I think they lied about this so it can be the talk of 2011! But I think it’s wrong because people might be getting the wrong tattoos & such!

  30. Andrew says:

    The Babylonians determined the Zodiac calendar a couple of million years ago? How about the Babylonian Empire began 5,000 years ago?

  31. cancer4life says:

    this has to be a hoax I’m a pure bred cancer never will I ever be a gemini I was born a cancer I will die a cancer

  32. ummm says:

    like really wtf are they think worlds axis is turning so u gotta change the damn horoscopes thats just straight bs who ever figured this out needs to sit on a ophiuchus there selfs

  33. Cwen says:

    OMG! Is this for real? Is it on the paper or has been stated out officially? I love my Leo. I will always be one, but I guess the name doesn’t really matter as long as the descriptions matches yours. True? Cause I think horoscopes are based on the study of human’s behaviour. That’s what I think. =]

  34. Eunie says:

    This is so interesting.
    However lack of details. Eg: since when is the axis tilt by the gravity force if the moon? Since when???
    So now who can give details & characteristic for Ophiuchus?? What about the compatibilty match?
    &who is going to advise & determine all this base on what?

  35. PFC Army Woman Miles says:

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard I dont even know how to prnounce this new zodiac I am a Virgo for life September 3rd and no one is going to take that from me.. Forget science they never know what they are talking about just like doctors they always assume ugh so angry… I have better things to do in Afghanistan then to worry about what they think.. Well that is all

  36. Sean says:

    Scorpios got screwed. 6 days, that’s lame.

  37. Joe says:


  38. tyler says:

    born a scorpio oct 27, will always live as one.. didnt get a tattoo of a scoprian to show this pride for nothing

  39. Nick says:

    Dude all those people that got their sign tattooed on their body are going to be PISSED LOL ohhhh well I’m not one of those idiots thank god

  40. Lindsey says:

    This is so wrong!!! I can’t believe they would do this to people. This is really annoying. My sign can’t change overnight, it just can’t and it won’t damn it!!

  41. Aquariusb*tches! says:

    This sidereal bullsh*t needs to stop!!! Get over yourselves you damn astrologers!!!! Your findings are flawed everyone calm down nothing has changed :)

  42. Liam says:

    Wow, I’m a Leo now. Awesome.

    The Zodiac signs are determined by the position of earth, which has since shifted. Thus the signs that have existed for the past 2000 years were incorrect. There was originally 13 signs. Then the earth shifted went to 12. Now back to 13. Why do people care?
    This only proves that the signs are bull. If you still act the same way as your previous sign.

    It was no ones choice. It’s the way the earth is at the moment. Eventually it will go back to 12 or possibly move in another direction entirely. They only introduced a sign because of earth’s moving.

  43. silly says:

    Who gives a crap it is all a bunch of crap. I don’t live my life by stupid zodiac signs how stupid. ROFLMBO Whatever….

  44. Liam says:

    You can all stop whining. Nothing has changed for you. These are the new positions of earth at different times of the year. It has nothing to do with months of the year either. It’s about the constellations in space in relation to earth at the time of YOUR BIRTH.

    These only affect people born after earths shift. They will change again if earth moves significantly again. But that could be thousands of years away. The previous 12 were around for thousands of years.

    It’s not a bunch of crap, at all. These weren’t decided by a scientist, like the removal of Pluto (Which was a mistake if you ask me) But the earth in relation to the constellations. The same reason Scorpio is now only 6 days long.

  45. DON LADYII says:


  46. Lisa says:

    I don’t know about this I fit the Leo sign through and through. My personality is nothing like a cancer. And why after all these years they find out they were wrong

  47. Lindsey says:


  48. Julie says:

    People who know what’s going on around the world and on our Earth saw this coming… Believe or not, this is TRUE.

  49. sstrayycatt says:

    READ THE UPDATE!!! :::

  50. Ellishia R. says:

    Ppl calm down lol! If u read the whole article it says this only addresses the Eastern region.Western region adhere to a tropical zodiac. (equinox to equinox) So we have fixed seasons. So nothing has changed.

  51. Harshad says:

    F*uck this sh*t! i was and will remain an Aquarian till i die..
    Capricon sucks!

    • Lisa says:

      I completely agree with u Harshad. The daydreaming, head in the clouds, unconventional thinking….a lot of times quirky, humanitarian, futuristic water bearers till we die!!! But apparently we and our signs haven’t changed….according to the end of the article. This only applies to Eastern cultures (as I understand it) so we are still the same….whew!!! hehehe

  52. Aaron says:

    How about you all just chill? The signs refer to harvest periods. Someone made it up about affecting personalities. If you’re like what your sign tells you, its coincidence and nothing more. Get something else to believe in people, because this isn’t anything special to go around thinking will happen or become. I went from going 24 years as a Capricorn to now a Sagittarius. It doesn’t really matter. Period. Get a real life if it seriously rules the excuse for one you have. For those that have some brain cells left do you wanna know why people are so damn ignorant? This is one of the reasons.

    • Andrez says:

      But then I won’t have anything else to do!!! I likke bitching about everything and not having a ” life!”

      • Denise says:


        • Judith Baltaire says:

          And what were you doing online at 3 in the morning? Sounds like you might have been sitting on the internet blabbing and bitching about all of the so called “fusses” others are making. This could be a big astronomical inpact, referring to the zodiac signs or not, or it could just be a new star forming.

          The event is important enough for it to make news and spread worldwide in one day. Some people take it closer to heart than others. It just means they have enough of a life to care about something.

          Get off the trolling and get on with your own life.

    • Jenn says:

      Sounds like its you who needs to get a life and stop BI’CHING about what other people think, say or do!! What concern is it of yours anyway? Just because you don’t care dosnt mean there are not people that do!

    • me says:

      wow… that was quite unnecessary…. lol

    • Lisa N says:

      Could not have said it better…Everything changes, so why live your life on was, or is on paper said, day to day, when that is not how the world rolls anyway??

    • Nora says:

      Been a Taurus for 51 yrs now, don’t really think that is going to change because someone decided they wanted to change it..

    • Really!? says:

      This is as silly as that whole religion folk-lore that the world uses as a catalyst for starting wars, being judgemental, and instilling fear in one another. Thank goodness WE got the opposing thumbs–a logical, intelligent bunch like us!! It’s almost like we’re just chasing our pride losses now. I don’t want to alarm anyone but Santa Claus is technicaly “not real” either–but if you want to re-create the spiritual well-being that his idea instils by giving gifts and hanging stockings every year–don’t let anyone stop you!! Horoscopes say positive things like “she’s strong willed and loyal” so that we’ll say “this is SO me!!” Furthermore they’re so vague in their predictions it would almost be impossible for them NOT to relate to us. I can’t believe that people actually take this stuff so seriously–what are we sheep???

    • ARIES says:

      ‘Aaron’ sounds like a typical Capricorn! Definitely not the attitude of a Sagittarious so why comment on things that you really don’t care about? And don’t worry, you have the personality of a Capricorn so I doubt it has changed you at all…Besides astrology goes by not only the day you were born, but you have a rising sign as well which goes by the exact time you were born. There really is a science to this stuff if you look into it.
      Besides, I lve in Florida and know for sure there is no way I could all of a sudden be a peices. Mellow, fantasizing, in lala land, eager to please….DEF not me.
      Aries all the way baby. Aaron would be one lucky bastard to be as awesome as a Sagitarious…just sayin 😛

  53. Babygirl says:

    wouldn’t this only apply to young children and all the babies that will be born? Everyone else was probably still born under the star from their original astrological sign

  54. Andrez says:

    I bet sandy Jacobs is gunna blame this on the gays also… I wonder what’s next? Leap year will turn to keep week? We can just blame that on the gays too I guess… I hate you sandy Jacobs… :/

  55. Kyle says:

    Yeah this is bull*shit. I am a Sagittarius when i was born. Thats how I am going out. Whoever said that this only applies to Eastern religions is right, so if you Western forget it, not our problem. Easterners I feel sorry for ya. But I am going to add to this article what that astrologist should’ve stated. This should only apply to people born past this date, better yet this year, let the rest of 2011 enjoy it. And Scorpio only being 6 days long is f-ing stupid, just because that person was able to make a stick figure out of a couple stars and find a “authentic” name doesn’t mean it should be so. CONGRATS PERSON, YOU’RE IN THE HISTORY BOOKS NOW FOR FINDING IT. THANKS FOR F*UCKING WITH EVERYONES DAY!

  56. Tony Davison says:

    Lol its funny how many people obviously haven’t read the full article :) it doesn’t apply to westerners

  57. tane' says:





  58. Cortney says:

    Well I’ve been a sag for the past 39 years so Im not changing now. Thank God I didnt get a tattoo1

    • Kasey says:


      I did I was a Taurus, now an Aries!! Aww well
      And to think as far as I can remember, my horoscope has been dead on. I dont believe for one minute that this can change!

      • fullontaurus! says:

        K this clearly only applies to new borns, and we all know what our true sign is by the way we behave. I am an extremely stubborn person and does not adapt to change well, so this is not going over well in my books.

        And who cares if you got a tattoo of your zodiac sign? I did, and there “discovery” won’t change who you know you are.

  59. Anne says:

    Here’s the question… I’m from a southeast Asian country… Former Cancerian, now a Gemini… If I go to the US, shall I then be back to being Cancer?

  60. Dylan says:

    This is pretty damn stupid. Why did this jacka*s have to go and f*ck with things when nothing was wrong in the first place. I would like to slap him upside his head because of this. In my opinon I am and forever will be a Virgo and no dumba*s that changes the signs will tell me other wise

  61. popo says:

    I hate it when im been put on the taurus!………What kind of changes will happend to me someday?

  62. Amy says:

    i think that it is dumb that it all of a sudden just changes. no where does it say some day its gonna change. what about these ppl that have tattoo’s of their signs cause all their life it has been what it was when they where born. i think it should apply to the kids that are born in 2011 and not everyone. nothing to get all upset over its just dumb…just saying.

    • Andrez says:

      It doesn’t apply unless u follow eastern astrology… Your fine if you got a tattoo

    • connorrr says:

      “i think that it is dumb that it all of a sudden just changes. no where does it say some day its gonna change. what about these ppl that have tattoo’s of their signs cause all their life it has been what it was when they where born. i think it should apply to the kids that are born in 2011 and not everyone. nothing to get all upset over its just dumb…just saying.”

      Listen how dose Amy master of the zodiac signs get to say how the dates work, read up on how they were formed by Arrons comment U made it up Just like amy is right now Didn’t see how the signs you originally made were wrong and how did they make that mistake in the eastern countires for so long where it originated such bullshittty mushhroommss dummy now imm gonna go rub this in my laides face. aries that i am now !00% ahaaa bologna.

  63. betruetoyou88 says:

    its just a zodiac sign, it does not dictate your entire life. if you lived your life by your horoscopes and such then you were not doing it right in the first place. live your life as you see fit and be the kind of person you want to be. one love <3

  64. jmarie says:

    I think all you people need to put your faith in God and not the stars. He will never change.

  65. Robi says:

    Why only in the East Western parts? I was a Sagittarius now Ophiuchus? What does Ophiuchus even mean? What does it symbolize?

  66. björn says:


  67. Lisa says:

    What sign are you when your birthday falls on an ending date of one sign and the beginning of another?

    • Val says:

      YOU, my dear would be like me–A cusp! It means you share main characteristics from both signs. I’m a Gemini-Cancer cusp.

  68. Maldz says:

    Why need to changed the zodiac sign..?

  69. anonymous says:

    this is stupid i hate this why did they change?? i have been a libra for soo long (15 Years) i am not gonna let noo new rule all of a sudden tell me i am a virgo its messed soo peace da buck out …

  70. Dalveer says:

    It is ridiculous….all this years zodiac remains same, how come all this crap now all of a sudden???? and from where the new sign Ophiuchus came from???? every year there are 12 months and 12 different zodiac and from which planet this 13 month came from???? It is all bullshit !!!!!

  71. Sherlyn says:

    It’s just another astrology found…. Just like theres various ways of your valued in god…. You go by what astrology you think is true best to your balieves.

  72. shane says:

    i dont want to change from being an aries to taurus..
    ,, aries really describes my personality,.

  73. maldita akoh says:

    Oh noh.! I really like scorpio….why need to changed?

  74. Keber Achuchuchu says:

    Im a piggy scorpion now a Libra…. but wait…. only people from the east are affected wtf! what about me im from southeast…. argh! ;(

  75. Caydee says:

    Oh my gosh.. I went from a Libra to a Virgo in a DAY! I don’t want to be a Virgo! I wanna be a LIBRA like I always have been!

  76. Lisa says:

    Does the birthstones change also?

  77. Nielx says:

    Nothing to worry. Just stay the same. Stay happy! Be contented in your life. And always thank to God cuz u have a great life! Zodiac Signs are only part of our life. Don’t take serious in your horoscopes. Cuz ur the one making ur future and destiny. :)

  78. Logicproveseverything says:

    Stupid thing about this is, If you were born on the first day of the beginning of your zodiacs little frame of dates.
    If you were to go over to another country that was back one day would you still be the same?
    Yes, we’ve lived our lives under a sign that is just there because someone wanted it to be. The personalities of your horoscopes are not accurate.
    They are cold readings or selected emotions that someone just wrote down so you could read them look back on your life and Be like THIS SOUNDS JUST LIKE ME.
    Truth is, if you were reading another thing and didn’t know your birthday you would agree with that instead.
    Everyone is still what they were except for people born in 2011.
    It doesn’t mean anything anyways.

  79. DeezNutz says:

    In conclusion, your zodiac sign has not changed. read the whole thing…fuc*in says right there in the feed..

    • Spike says:

      Wow…way to update the article way after people first read it. It’s been 12 hrs since I read the article, and this is the first I’ve heard of the restrictions to the change.

  80. blaaaah! says:

    why ya’ll trying to change stuff? …some stuff you just supposed to leave the same!!!!

  81. tabachingching says:

    If that is the case, how about those person born on dates like Jan. 20, Feb. 16, March 11, April 18, May 13, June 21, July 20, Aug 10, Sept 16, Oct. 30, Nov. 23, Nov 29 and Dec. 17 who happens to have their birth date on 2 zodiac signs…What Zodiac signs will they use? Isn’t it confusing????????

  82. jum jum says:

    i figure if u are born before 2011 then u keep the old sign

  83. Deborah says:

    Your Sun sign is just one aspect of you. A natal chart is the position of all the planets at the time of your birth. Astrology is much more sophisticated than people think. In my opinion, the best part of astrology is to get people to look inward. This will raise your conscious level. The solutions are inside of you. PEACE.

  84. Aries_Queen says:

    This is just crazy….. I didn’t start reading about astological signs until I got older and Aries seems to fit me perfect…. It even fits my childhood perfect….

  85. Monica says:

    its stupid I was a capricorn and woke up a$@&4%#! Sag.
    It dosent make sense because when I read it the personality of a
    Sag didn’t descrine me at all. So how am I something that
    Dosent even applys to the way I act. BULLSH*T. And it sucks because I get capricorn tatted on my neck

  86. Johnel says:

    well, im still a leo…..
    goodluck to all who have new zodiac sign,

  87. Stephanie says:

    What the hell is this??!!?! I have been a sag all my life, and now I am suddenly that “O” one? This is bulls**t! Change it back! NOW!

  88. Trollface.jpg says:

    Wow, sure is an awful lot of BAAWWWWWW around here. Newsflash: astrology is fake. Your life is determined by YOU, not random balls of plasma billions of miles away that happen to look like stick figures from Earth if you trace a certain way. Also, they didn’t suddenly “change” this, they’re just finally getting around to updating to keep up with the shifts that have taken place over the past few thousand years.

    The universe is a big place. It doesn’t care about you. Get over yourself.

  89. izzie says:

    i am supposedly of the new sign now… well, my good sirs, i was born a sag and i will die one!

  90. Nirmal says:

    Why the zodiac signs changing ? Can’t the signs be left the same and yeah what is the Ophiuchus?

  91. smiling Mom says:

    How much fun really! You are who you are, traits develop for every reason under the sun, including the air we breathe. So enjoy reading two astrological signs everyday and enjoy.

  92. whoBdis says:

    To “Andrez says”
    you should stick with your “Capricorn” sign and continue to be a billy goat! The fact that you are so ignorant to believe everything you read speaks volumes. Didn’t anyone ever teach you “if you don’t have anything nice to say, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT”. Really get a life and let those that have an educated opinion leave their comments go read a comic book or something. Dame, Capricorns think they know it all!

  93. Deevah says:

    Why not read the WHOLE story? “Parke Kunkle’s discovery only addresses sidereal zodiac, that is based on constellations- therefore this change only concerns people in the East. Westerners adhere to tropical zodiac that is fixed to seasons (equinox to equinox). In conclusion, your zodiac sign has not changed.”


  94. Tyler Stadler says:

    i will not accept this i will always be a Scorpio ALWAYS BE SHALL ALWAYS BE A SCORPIO.

    In Greek tiles on stone walls and Greek Star sigh’s books Scorpio was sent form the gods to kill Orion the hunter. Orion was going land to land killing every animal he seeks and nobody can stop him but the gods decide to send Scorpio the scorpion of the dessert. moment on was a battle to the death both have fallen. animals on earth were saved. Scorpio became a legend along side Leo the lion consolation while Orion is on the other side of Virgo in a cage for eternity.

  95. MrJimmy says:

    What’s interesting here is how badly everyone’s missed the significance of this change–for it’s occultic. For those of you unwilling to accept the possibility that this planet is being run and manipulated by Luciferians, let me say this. I was born the son of a son of a son. There is more than 150 years of occultic history in my family that I am aware of. When I say occultic, I mean Freemasonry and the Order of the Eastern Star, although they are also known as Skull and Bones, Scroll and Key, Jesuits, Shriners and many, many other names. But alas, a rose is still a rose by any other name.

    There isn’t time to argue since surely many of you know masons or stars who are good people–because so do I. The point is, it is a secret society within a secret society and anyone with a grade school education can read it for themselves. It is clearly stated in their own writings and teachings that many low level initiates are purposely deceived. I can guarantee you that 99% of masons have not read their own literature. Start with The Architects of Deception, Mark Dice’s film regarding Bohemian Grove, Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma, Manly P. Hall’s books, Texe Mars and the Freeman Perspective–just READ. Investigate symbols, numbers, and the five pointed star, which forms the pentagram, which is why we have the Pentagon. Columbia, the Goddess of War, is always seen with a five pointed star. Why do you think we have the District of Columbia, Columbia Broadcasting System, Columbia Pictures, Columbia Records, Columbia Sportswear. Even the Starbucks logo contains an image of Columbia. You would think that somewhere in school, someone would have mentioned Columbia. But alas, we receive information on a need to know basis, and most of it, they don’t think we need to know.

    Take the time to inform and educate yourself instead of being manipulated by the television, which is nothing more than mass mind control. Why do you think they call it programming. These people are saying it right out in the open and you are just not hearing it.

    What is happening here is the continuation of agenda through incrementalism. Small changes over long periods of time and no one seems to notice. Nothing is happening today that isn’t being controlled or staged by the Invisible Brotherhood, 33rd degree freemasons and their female cohorts–the Stars. There are many sources of information regarding the Order, but you won’t find it on the History Channel or any mainstream outlet like Wiki. These are deceivers, liars, fakes and phonies. Their one world system may sound good in theory, but history has shown that it never works out well for the masses, only for them.

    The Order have infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Why do you think you get a “degree” when you graduate. Why do you think at 32 degrees one is frozen and at 33 degrees one thaws out. They control the so-called education system. Its called a Uni-versity, because they want everyone to think one way. We are taught what to think, not how to think. They control the financial system. They control every government on the planet. Should there be another war, it will also be staged, and millions of people will die ritualistically. War is Peace they say. Sure it is. They will use occultic dates and times to perform their rituals. They have infiltrated every religion on Earth. These are the most diabolical people mankind has ever known but they will parade around and herald themselves as righteous do-gooders in their masonically controlled media outlets and hope that you are none the wiser. No doubt, they will blast my comments in an effort to shift the focus away from them still, but good works are done in the light, and evil is done under the cover of darkness. And unlike them, I have sworn no oaths, taken no vows of secrecy, and have no allegiance to the Craft.

    They would like you to believe a global transformation is coming, a shift in consciousness, something miraculous, maybe even an alien encounter. Perhaps, but I know these people, I know how they think, how the spin their web of deceit, what incredible liars and magicians they are–and they’re at it again. What’s coming is their psychotic control grid, their New World Order agenda, THEIR transformation. I urge each of you to investigate HAARP, Project BlueBeam, the Chemtrail Coverup, CERN (see the 666 in their logo). These aren’t conspiracy’s any more, these are real programs. We are living in the Matrix, and with the amount of toxic aluminum nano-particles they’re spraying into the atmosphere, soon, we’ll all be wearing tin-foil hats.

    We are no longer on the verge of a planetary takeover, for we are in the throes of a takeover. They are soft killing us through chemtrails, vaccines, flu shots, pharmaceuticals, water and food. The biggest war being waged at all times is the one for your mind. No matter what your faith, I can hardly find anyone willing to state that Monsanto (science) can engineer food better than nature or God. We aren’t living longer, healthier lives, we’re dying slow, miserable deaths. Diabetes, Alzheimers and Autism aren’t happening by accident or even dwindling, they’re on the rise. Thirteen (13) is a highly significant number to the masons. This astrological / zodiac change isn’t by accident as it was revealed on the 13th day of the year. As we embark on this year of the Eleventh hour, let us reflect on the messages of the Georgia Guidestones. We are not cancers on this Earth. There are not too many of us to sustain life on this planet. There are simply too many of us for them to control. We are beautiful, sentient beings, endowed with freedom and the gift of life from our creator. We are many things, but we are not the New World Order’s slaves or personal property.

    This isn’t about being Right or Left, which is only the illusion of choice. This isn’t about any specific religion. This is about us, and we are all in this together. The ruling elite are working non-stop to divide and conquer us in every way possible through race, religion, class warfare, politics–you name it. The truth is, we don’t need these people telling us how to live. How arrogant that they should rule the planet. And what a pitiful example they leave for us as evidence of their ongoing failures, which they call progress. Only a fool would fall for their promise of hope–again. Only a fool would give any of these liars one more chance. We don’t need their fake systems of government, their fake money or their false hope. It is within each of us to be miraculous beings. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

  96. john says:

    this is just stupid! horoscopes aren’t really an issue in the world, why dont people focus on bigger issues? n whoever said the thing abt stars depicting personalities is all bull!

  97. tameisha says:

    what the devil is an Ophiuchus?

  98. Bob says:

    Who gives a $h1T.

  99. Nick Puetz says:

    So apparently they’ve been telling us the wrong zodiac signs this whole time… FOR 5,000 YEARS. Yet people thought the whole damn time that this applied to them, it goes to show you how much bull sh*t astrology really is. You could be a taurus and aquarius would still apply to you – the descriptions are just that vague. Hopefully some people realized that they been peddled shit this whole time, and they gobbled up bite after bite.

  100. The good reader says:

    Do you guys read damn it ONLY applies to the EAST…The USA is WESTERN, so our signs DON’T change.

    • responderrr says:

      really? pleaseee tell me youre right!!

    • MikeR says:

      Regardless if it’s for East or not it only applies for people born in 2009 and on. So we would still be the same thing as when we were born.

    • crs mcmillian says:

      Well if you want togo withv new info that’s u but I’ll stick with the old school …

    • Amanda Bierbaum says:

      it shouldnt matter wat sign u are! Dont ever stop being WHO YOU ARE, and what makes you happy! Ur sign is supposed to tell u who u are, what to expect for the year or day…

      WHATEVER!!! HOCUS POCUS! Jesus didnt get by in his life by checking his fucking horoscope everyday! BE WHO YOU ARE….not what u read!

  101. unknown says:

    only applies on easterners??
    this basically means that if i fly to the states i’m back to being a libra!?!
    how effing confusing!

  102. unknown says:

    Is this Guy retarded or something how can he go change something that has been one way for 5000 years

  103. ccm says:

    I thought the Zodiac signs had to do with the way the stars were aligned when you are born. How would it matter if space is different now? Is this only supposed to apply to new babies on the East coast?

  104. Gemini says:

    This is plain RIDICULOUS. I’ve been a Gemini for years
    and that’s the way it’s gonna stay! North South East and West!

  105. hi says:

    Dam u ppl have so much time to waste. Who beleives in this crap atleast we Easterners don’t

  106. donita burnett says:

    okay, so wouldn’t we only go by the sign we were born under? wouldn’t this change only affect the new humans being born when the change occurred? and did they change suddenly, or over time, and where were they when we were born, were they different already by then? how do i find this out?

  107. Kyrsten Lindgren says:

    People should learn how to investigate further. you’re not gonna go your whole life with one sign, then it just up and change on you. These changes in the astrological calendar only apply to people born AFTER 2009. So stop complaining, it’s not going to take you anywhere in life.

  108. charles says:

    This just boggles my mind really. They say it only affects the Easterners? How? When our natal charts are defined by location and the positions of the planets from there? Wouldn’t everything we’ve ever known be changed?

    And to all you who say it starts affecting people now… you’re sadly mistaken if you think a tilt THIS big can happen overnight… just because they are just now discovering it doesn’t mean it just now happened. This has happened over 5000 years. There is honestly NO telling who is what anymore, especially for the cusps that are now new signs, they may never know if the tilt had pushed them past the 0.00 degree mark before or after their birth… it’s all so confusing to think about.

  109. Pisces says:

    I was vorn a pisces and I will ALWAYS be one !! This is totally ridicilous …. Whatever

  110. Coug says:

    How come at the start and end of every sign there’s an overlapping day? And how come the ’13’ signs are not all equal time? Do some of the constellations have time share or something?

    Hoax-Fail, people. Hoax-Fail.

  111. Ushviel says:

    is this really2 true??

  112. ricky says:

    i totally feel u dog

  113. Suraj Serai says:

    Guys chk….my bday falls on 18 april and the date shows on both aries and pisces, so am I aries or pisces….????

  114. FrostyC says:

    this just goes to prove that the horoscope system has been extremely flawed for 3000 years

  115. Astrologer says:

    A 13th sign?? The Druids studied the 13 phases of the Moon….they seemed to have it right and it
    worked for them. Their charts had 13 divisions. Easterners, Westerners….doesn’t matter…the
    constellations are made of of fixed stars that comprise the Zodiac. I am an Aquarian/Leo and I will
    always be one. On the day I was born, My sun was in Aquarius not Capricorn.
    I can do Astrological Charts with a Computer or I can do it mathematically using Celestial Mechanics
    and the funny thing is…the tilt of the Earth does not affect the results. Kunkle got their 5 minutes of
    fame but how does that affect 5000 years of Astrological Study????????????

  116. ann says:

    this is crazy… leave this alone….im a leo..will always be a leo

  117. Shari says:


  118. andrea says:

    how the hell todays my bday and my sign is diff. hmmm thats crazy!!

  119. Daddysgirl says:

    I dont think nobody has the Authority to change this and no one Has the Authority to give it to them…..and people move everyday so how does it effect them..It is Crazy Leave it alone. .

  120. Tori says:


  121. december says:

    I have been feeling and thinking differently recently….

  122. Januar says:

    Does this affect everyone’s moon sign as well?

  123. willis says:

    Jesus Christ is our lord and savior ,that is a fact ,the rest is nonsense. Put your faith i something that really matters.

    • Bunni says:

      At least we can see stars and constellations…. all these saying they talk to God, they obviously have split personalities! Don’t get me wrong the Bible is a good story, but it is simply that a story! If someone came up now and said they were the son of God and blah blah blah that person would straight up be thrown into a padded room!

      Now that has been said take this into note don’t go throwing your religious bullshit in peoples faces!
      Thanks have a good one :)

    • Lunora says:

      Okay, though I profoundly do not agree with your faith, I will point out that you are severely contradicting yourself…

      Your faith says that “God” made all of Earth and the stars, that he made man and all of the creatures. So that means that he also made man naturally curious, and the need to feel connected, hence, looking to the heavens. If he made all the stars and the need to feel connected, why would it not be important to your faith to follow his will? You see how you just turned your own faith around?

      I’m not writing this to try to shove faith in your face; in fact I have not once mentioned my own faith. I just thought you’d like to see the irony in your own words.

      Have a blessed night :)

  124. Cancer-Gemini says:

    What IS THIS!!!!! I love Cancer, why should I be a Gemini? I don’t care what they say!

  125. WhatchuSayWillis? says:

    Willis, you speak the truest truth. Astrological charts will not provide true wisdom and guidance. Only Christ and the God of the Heavens and Earth can provide truth.

    • Astrologer says:

      I really hate to discuss Religion. I was raised a Catholic. And for years, I asked questions and
      got no answers….only “God moves in mysterious ways”. When I discovered Astrology…about 15 years
      ago…I got my answers. Using Astrology has helped guide me through difficult times, avoid other
      difficult times and give me answers to life’s questions. I believe in the one God, the creator of all things
      but I do not believe that an Omniscient “All Knowing” Creator of all things is hanging out on the out skirts of our Galaxy to listen to our prayers. You believe in an absentee “Landlord”. And that is fine
      for you.

      I can do an Astrological Chart on you….I can tell you things about yourself that are secret that I could not know about you. I can tell you about major emotional events in your life. I can not tell when you brush your teeth. Try this Analogy: Life is like a play! God created the play and put you in it. But he did not give you a script….so you blindly go through life (the play) bouncing around. An Astrologer can decifer
      a portion of that script and help you through life, find the right job that utilizes your inborn talents, tell you when you will meet the love of your life, how many children you will have, how many times you will fall in love….but the one thing that I do know from your chart that I can’t tell you….is how and when your will leave this Earth. An Astrologer works with FATE. There is a fine line between Fate and Destiny. Remember the old saying….”The Day you are born…you are Destined to Die” An Astrologer could tell you about that but most won’t.

  126. marina says:

    First time I heard about 13 sing 10-15 years ago ,some Russian astrologer post article in newspaper ,but nobody took him seriously .I was telling my friends about ,but they wasn’t listen .and now some of them contact me ,and tell me “do you remember about 13sings,you was right ,it is in news.

  127. lilliz says:

    I think this is retarded some thing to keep pplz interested and I don’t give a damn I’m me and that’s all that matters so f a sign and 2009 – east or west I’ma go buy what it is not what they tryna make it addin new signs changing days that’s wack its the work of our government what they tryna hide now stars wtf next they gonna confess aliens

  128. Kaitlynn. says:

    Excuse meee. Uhm yeaahh, I may only be in middle school but I was told about the change liike.. 3 yrs ago. I was told that I was the changeed sign 3 yrs agoo. I may live in “the west” and be born before 2009, but I’m going with the changed sign. Because I was told this sign by a person studying and teach astronomy.

  129. Eliza says:

    What the hell is considered East? and if you were born in the East THEN do you change it? ughh.. and that new sign has a horrid name, it sounds like an extinct species of squid!… and it isnt about faith Willis..but fate!

  130. dee says:

    Godness me. Why is the sky in the east so different? Perhaps it doesn’t matter in the West because of all the law suits of emotional damage that will occur due to this finding!
    I for one am proud to have gotten rid of my evil twin. I have traded her for a fine Ford.

  131. LizzFizz says:

    Oh, my gosh, you people are so funny! Who knows what the truth is? I’m just going to be me, plain and simple. I’m an Aries, but according to the new info, I’m now a Pisces–I don’t feel like a Pisces and never have, although I really like to swim. Whatever anyone says, just be who you’ve always been!

  132. Kina says:

    This is bull sh*t I’m sticking with the old school zodiac.

  133. wayne says:

    so who is this that just changes our life ane 30% of the peaple listen i dont think so he is not nostidomis or anyone that has any respect in life so get a grip and leave the internet allown you all screw this up putting all the garbage out there

    so get off and live life off the net shit

  134. Mad Max says:

    So, you astrologers say that the gravitational effect of where Jupiter was when I was born affects my life, hmm? The OBGYN that delivered me had more of an effect of gravity. Do the math.
    Take that OUT of your pipe, and quit smoking it.
    Now, try to guess my sign, and I am sure to get all 13 different answers, you bunch of rednecks.

    • LizzFizz says:

      I think you’re the new mysterious sign, Ophiuchus, and you’re a little upset about it! I think it might be interesting to be the new sign. I’m still an Aries (although they say Pisces now), but to be the new sign might be kind of exciting!

    • Astrologer says:


      Jupiter has no effect on your birth. The Moon does. …and actually it is how the moon affected your Mother that caused your birth. Throughout ancient history….the moon has controlled a woman’s
      cycle. It used to be called “Moons Blood”. You understand that the Moon controls the Earth’s tides??
      The Earth is made up of 70% Water….as are our bodies. The moon has an effect on all of us.
      How many people do you know that are real “Moody”??? There moods change at the drop of a hat…
      or burst into tears??? They were probably born under a Full/New Moon.

  135. aries says:

    i strngly disagree with this stupiak sign added.. mentang2 mayan calender is come to end. new calender going to be 13 month??? who is the damn creator???

  136. lovebug says:

    this is one of the dumbest things I’ve heard, but typical of the US. No one is going to adhere to this and who would want to be a sign they can hardly pronounce? Lets put more time, effort and energy into stopping violence, ignorance and education.

  137. Will says:

    I’m a griffindor dammit!!!

  138. Panhead says:

    Did any of you actually understand what was said? The signs have been changing slowly since the Babylonians determined the dates of the Zodiac five thousand years ago. Sooooooo, you really weren’t even born under the sign you thought you were all these years anyway, the signs didn’t change overnight, someone just noticed they weren’t where they used to be.

    And MadMax, chances are Rednecks don’t give a crap about Zodiac Signs, but the Hippies do!!! You just want to blame a Redneck for something don’t you?


  139. Mr.pimpslapDatHoe says:

    dang it!! june 10 is my b day that means im a taurus now or can i still be a gemini?

  140. Mr.pimpslapDatHoe says:

    did that boy just say !! nostidomis?wtf lol i think he ment nostradamus!!

  141. cancer the crabass says:

    All I got to say every word they say about cancers are right on about who I am……..gemini I am not two pwoplw if I were well I’ll tell you look out cus that would mean I have double the fight for my family power……..lots of dead fish if that were the case……… and after biilions of years who the hell are these nuckle heads to say who I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my sign will forever be a crab

  142. Jay says:

    Is it life threatening? Gosh, you guys are amazingly ignorant of what is really important in life than Zodiac signs… WTF?!!?! Its a total waste of time reading those signs…what more in believing those and being over affected by it. Your just wasting your time. Damn!!! what are you people?! depending on those kind of things.

  143. Theology101 says:

    You people are PAGANS! your worshiping the wrong god… Pagan belief are from the Babylonians. Tsk…

  144. jingle says:

    the dates are overlapping that means you have two signs if you fall on that date..for examle if i was born OCTOBER 30 MY ZODIAC SIGN IS LIBRA AND AT THE SAME TIME VIRGO. CONFUSING ISN’T IT? WHATEVER….YOU MAKE YOUR OWN DESTINY IN LIFE DON’T RELY TO MUCH ON THE HOROSCOPE. OR ON YOUR ZODIAC SIGN.

  145. Laura says:


  146. aquarian says:

    hwz it possible???i cant believe dz….it such a ridiculous….no way i’ll nt believe on dz stupid…..

  147. Hello says:

    Yeah, Theology 101 is right about horoscopes coming from the Babylonians… Some dude talked about speaking of Christian religion and there being irony when one believes in Christianity and not the other… That’s really stupid… If you study Theology, you come to find that the ones who actually began this whole star thing, Biblically, were actually some real bad dudes and did not at all submit to the God of the universe, they were actually really evil…

  148. chad says:

    Honestly, it makes sense. The earth is constantly moving and changing. The Zodiac was written 5,000 years ago. If the earth stood still i would say this is bull, but everything changes. Everything in the universe has a life span everything dies and changes form. Do yourselves some research, check out all your late June early July friends and tell me if they are warm nurturing cancers. They were Geminis all along, Two faced sneaks, schemers. Yours going to tell me George Bush and 50 cent are cancers. lol

  149. Taurus says:

    ohhh, that’s why our zodiac signs turned away because of the new zodiac sign discovered..

  150. tara says:

    I’m an Opiuchus. 13th sign of the Zodiac.

    Love it!

  151. j_ane_! says:

    im a sagittarian and i dont want to change it in opiuchus (daah?!)

  152. Bob says:

    OMG you people are the dumbest, most back woods, uneducated hillbillies. Why don’t you all pick up some pitch forks and riot in the streets over this. But wait, you’re all too lazy to pick a cause for more than a rant before you’re back in your easy chairs looking for something else to complain about. America is going down the tubes because of crap like this. Go read a book.

    • Red says:

      nicely put.

    • Wow says:

      Looks to me like you’re the one sitting In your easy chair complaining about something that doesn’t matter. If you feel that way about it why are you even wasting your time to talk to uneducated hillbillies. It’s really hypocrites like you that are making America go down the tubes. Sounds to me like you want a pitchfork to lead the riot. Lmao. If you don’t care don’t reply and maybe you need to go read a book and get off the Internet yourself. God! Hypocrites….. This is what our world comes to.

    • Teresa B says:

      You are one stupid SOB, come down here and some of us country hillbillies will show you just how lazy we are when your getting your arse scrapped up off the floor dumb@$$. I most likely worked harder in a week at times than you have in years so shut your mouth you have no clue idiot,

  153. laura says:

    ok i dont mind that it changed because i am not crazy about it but with the tilted axis i understand. But you know what? The signs were fine the way they were. everyone wants to change everything now a days. these signs were fine for thousands of years. people just want to change everything because of a scientific discovery? i was a pisces and i will always be a pisces cause i fit the description perfectly

  154. Angie says:

    This is so stupid, I am a sagittarius I don’t want to change. Someone needs to find something better to do with their free time. Like maybe get a job???

    • Rachel says:

      Oh my g

    • Rachel says:

      Oh my god I always have been and always will be an aquarius not a capircorn!!!
      The scince people need to realize that people will always want to keep the zodiac sign they had why would you change it now?!
      Change them back Pleasssssseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Erika says:

        You don’t have to worry. What is interesting is that the way the new system works out is almost Identical to how it was before described as cusps. For instance. I am a cancer born under a Gemini cusp. I fit that to a tee and it fits me. To further elaborate. Every month/day in the year has a sign attached to it, and your personallity and traits can be explaind in your sign fitting that month, but all of those little characteristics that you have that aren’t fitting in just right can also be explaind by your cusp. It is like the sun and the moon, Born under the sun you are seen in a certain light, but under the moon, a few of your smaller traits may shine. I am a typicall cancer all the way, a home body. But I have to be around people to stay happy. can be explaind by my gemini cusp. I am a waitress. Good serving cancer type job. but not so much for conversation, but the fact that I love my job and interacting with people shows how much night and day do come into play.

  155. j.gaetz says:

    I would be more worried about how you can make this world a better place..instead of some morons pitiful opinion of what he/she thinks your symbol has changed to….wish I knew when this persons birth date was…cause I would add a sign for them…it would be a jack ass!

  156. Robby says:

    I think that astrology in its commercial form sells news papers. It preys on
    the gulable readers that actually think they can’t function without knowing
    what their day is going to be like. I find it all so amuzing….

  157. Veronica Abt says:

    My birthday is 8-8-95 and i have loved being a Leo. Leo is the perfect describtion of me. Leo’s are leaders and have always been. Cancers are not!! Leo’s element is fire and their planet is the sun. While Cancers element is WATER and their planet is the moon!! Now that is just messed up!! People always say i am brave as a lion or a strong leader. I also get a little agressive sometimes and that fits the LEO not the CANCER. I just can’t be a Cancer. I am a LEO!!!

  158. Linda says:

    What in the world is Ophiuchus? According to the dictionary, it means; holding a serpent. How does this relate to my personality.
    Also, Ophiuchus was used in horoscopes 5,000 years ago….since no one knows how it relates to a person’s personality….let’s leave it there.

  159. Still a Pisces says:

    Did anyone actually finish reading the article? Nothing has changed – go back to sleep

    • Rachel says:

      Yes it has depending on the dat of your birth and if you live in the west or east so you read the artical

      • Kenny says:

        Nothing for the people living in the WEST! That would mean Americans by all counts, have not changed signs! Read the article! The East, i.e. Europeans, Asians, Russians…so on and so forth Have. People, if you are going to complain, please read fully before showing your stupidity, even if it is on a silly topic. Thank you.

  160. Sherry says:

    this is why this is called of the devil. What God decided to create more stars….KAKA

  161. nick says:

    the moon is not the only thing that has tilted the worlds axis. i seem to remember china built a dam that has displaced enough water on the planet to shift it’s axis.. That aside if you do follow the zodiacs enough to actually follow this stuff, then you actually would need to realize that as the earth and planets and the universe shift. That means yes as the earth and “The Cosmos” change, and with it the forces that govern would also change. Doesn’t matter if you feel like your a different “sign” or not, it is what it is. Take it for what it’s worth.

  162. Wow says:

    And it really doesn’t matter cuz it’s not even real. Lmao youre all stupid if ur this concerned. Just stay WhT you are and shut up!

  163. chelsea says:

    haha im the new one! thats soo weird

  164. Chris says:

    This Parke Kunkle is a moron..who let him decide that it was ok to throw off the science of astrology. I’m sorry Mr. Kunkle your officially famous for pissing the world of astrology believers off !!! Astrology signs were already permanently decided 2,000 years ago…we people don’t want to make room for the new sign and your lousy discovery. If that was the case Mr. Kunkle you should’ve written a book on it to prove your point. btw. I’m an aquarius and I am happy sticking to that sign.. forever.

  165. Chimere says:

    This is bullsh*t!

  166. darrin says:

    I dont care about what someone discovers . IM STILL A FREAKIN SAG .

  167. frwojvfblgij says:

    I hope everyone knows this does not affect anyone who can actually read this. It only affects people who were born after 2009 and I doubt a 2 year old is reading this right now. Get over it! The world isn’t going to end because your zodiac sign has changed. Move on with your life please and thank you!

  168. Olesea says:

    i am born 8 december resulting i am ophiucus

  169. Essence says:

    I liked my sign i dont wanna change

  170. dale says:

    im a sag and dont plan on changing no matter what any dumb as; says

  171. marko says:

    i’am cancer

  172. Jared says:

    This is bullsh*t!!! This is not true at all.. Look at the bracket dates copied above:

    Capricorn: Jan. 20 – Feb. 16
    Aquarius: Feb. 16 – March 11
    Pisces: March 11- April 18

    January 20 to February 16 and from February 16 to March 11???? so if just for example I was born on the 16th February, I have 2 zodiac signs? Am i correct in thinking that this is a totall bullsh*t?????!!!! Come on people, LOGIC THINKING!!!!!!

  173. michael says:

    are you serious what the hell are you people thinking you must be on drugs. while your changing our lifes history change our finacial history and take our bills away so we dont have to be in debt anymore and oh ya change our birth days too since you are our new god and before I forget thank you very much , now what do we call you since there cant be two gods

  174. michael says:

    Definition of Opiuchus = pussy smells like carp lol you are a real piece of artwork and I bet you dont read books

  175. michael says:

    change our social security numbers and get rid of our felonies so we arent just a number in this world

  176. joe says:

    ok , we have tattoos that arent changeable. So just what are we supposed to do about that? is Parke Kuntle buying?

  177. Glen says:

    Cool. Does this mean I get to be somebody else now?